Water Curse or Blessing?! is an exhibition traveling to Phnom Penh from AEDES in Berlin, Germany for the Our City Festival. The project brings together voices from the Asia-Pacific region to reflect on the issues of water and the environmental and social impact. The exhibition presents 25 infrastructural, architectural, planning, and artistic projects with exemplary local, problem-orientated solutions which have been implemented in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Emirates, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Australia.

A workshop parallels the exhibition and features dialogues between exhibiting designers and architects from the Asia-Pacific region and Cambodian architecture/arts students and professionals. Exhibition and workshops are curated and implemented by Manolis House in collaboration with the festival.

Thank you to Collective Studio, SBP+A, and David Hiniesto for joining the Urban Lab during the Workshop and sharing their work with us. See below.

Collective Studio lectured about the challenges of designing and building affordable housing in Cambodia.

David Hiniesto lectured about strategies for environmentally thoughtful design and presented several projects completed in Spain.

S+BPA presented their project A Post Diluvian Future a prototype community that takes its inspiration from Thailand’s centuries old traditions of flood conscious aquatecture and turn it into a contemporary sustainable and visually stunning Wetropolis. More information here

Collective Studio Introduction  

We like to design. Houses, tables, shops, urban spaces, community centers, schools. For us it is important to be involved in projects which aim to improve the built environment and the way that people interact with this.

In envisioning solutions for the built environment we believe there is potential for collaboration between the commercial, social,  and governmental sectors. Our community and cultural projects sit alongside commercial work whereby one supports the other and the two cross over. Our work ranges from small to large scale interior, architecture and urban design projects. We partner with local and international grassroots organisations, NGO’s and private clients.

David Hiniesto Introduction

Multilingual Architect with 10 years experience in delivering construction projects, covering all the stages of the process: concept/preliminary designs, detail/tender documents, project management and construction with a solid background of site work. Special interest in eco-design and construction, vernacular architecture and photography. Excellent communication skills and sociability.

S+BPA Introduction

Ever since their childhoods, both Ponlawat and Songsuda have shared an inexhaustible love and fascination for architecture. Songsuda’s independent spirit and fertile imagination find a harmonic balance with Ponlawat’s keen vision, extraordinary spatial and material intuition, and architectural wisdom borne of extensive experience. Together, working in the capital of a third world country, against conservative notions of what constitutes ‘Thai Architecture,’ they strive always to make the most with less. S+PBA aspires to find the hidden potential in the mundane and undervalued, and convert simple processes and conditions into extraordinary architecture that competes at an international level with even the most resource intensive of contemporary design.

One thought on “Water Curse or Blessing?! Workshop

  1. i am very happy that you like the exhibit and followed my proposals to invite the architects from s plus from bangkok to phnom phen. just by the way the exhibition was curated by me for Berlin in 2011. have a look at the orginal too: http://www.aedes-arc.de

    best ulla ;-)))

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